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Downtown Stakeholders: join us tonight at 6:00 pm for a virtual townhall. A presentation on the proposed 2024 Downtown District budget will be shared along with a brief Q&A session.

Meeting ID: 837 8317 8091
Passcode: 860720

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With our long-term outlook guiding our focus, Central Houston, Inc. works in partnership with public and private entities to ensure challenges are successfully addressed and projects are implemented that result in a stronger Downtown. This careful strategy has a proven track record, with notable assets in place across the Downtown Houston skyline and streetscape.

Central Houston membership unites stakeholders who understand that a vibrant, successful urban core does not happen organically – it develops only through thoughtful planning and diligent stewardship. Participation in Central Houston gives members the opportunity to engage with executives at leading companies on a deep and meaningful level — not simply exchanging business cards, but working alongside high-caliber professionals on impactful projects. The draw for many members is their deep commitment to the success and betterment of the central city.

For membership, dues and event information, please contact Catherine Taraviras:

For more about Central Houston, view our Central Houston Membership Benefits Brochure.