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Downtown is always evolving, never static.

For more than 40 years, we've focused on the long term and big picture, yet remained nimble to anticipate and capitalize on opportunity, and handle complex challenges.

Downtown Identity + Beautification
Economic Development
Homeless Outreach
Parks & Green Spaces
Planning & Capital Projects

Clean and Safe Statistics

What does it take to keep our crime rate among our city's lowest and our streets so clean?

Downtown Cleaning Ambassadors, Public Safety Guides, off-duty Houston Police Department Officers, and S.E.A.L. private security are a visible, welcoming and helpful daily presence. Although the work they do is often unsung, it's also nothing short of heroic.  Let's do the numbers:

Sidewalk Trees in Downtown
Interactions with Pedestrians
Tons of Garbage Removed in Q3

Downtown Houston + Team

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This vision animates our daily work and long-range plans: At the intersection of global commerce and local culture, Downtown is Houston's heart of opportunity, excitement, and joy.

A shared mission guides the collective ambition of our family of organizations: We champion and enhance Downtown Houston as a connected, thriving place for everyone.

Christal Ayala
Jenna Beasley
Communications Manager
Kathleen Chisley
Accounting & Administration Manager
Algenita Davis
Government & Community Affairs Officer
Brett DeBord
Director of Operations & Capital Projects
Allen Douglas
Chief Operating Officer, ED & General Counsel
David Fields
Director of Transportation
Scott Finke
Operations Manager
Diana Garfias
Accounting & Admin Coordinator
Jacque Gonzalez-Garcia
Planning & Design Manager
Keith Gould
Quality Control Manager
Jana Gunter
Director of Finance
Brendan Harrison
Economic Dev. Coordinator/Research Specialist
Aaron Hernandez
Marketing & Events Coordinator
Cassie Hoeprich
Director of Planning & Economic Development
James Kennedy
Public Safety Manager
Kris Larson
President & CEO
Irene Luna
Administrative Assistant
Amanda Marquez
Programming & Events Manager
Dusty McCartney
Construction Project Manager
Jamie Perkins
Executive Assistant & Paralegal
Albert Sanchez
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Clint Self
Creative Strategy Lead
Catherine Taraviras
Membership Manager
Ann Taylor
Director of Engagement
Candace Williams
Executive Assistant & Board Liaison
Kris Zagyva
Block by Block
Contact The Team

We’re committed to a clean and safe downtown. Please report any issues to our team and we will respond as soon as possible.

In case of emergency dial: 1-800-Safehotline