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Explore Downtown Houston

In the heart of H-town, Downtown is a thriving community of arts, business, culture, food & beverage establishments, entertainment, residences and recreation.

Foodie Paradise

Befitting a city where one-in-four are immigrants, Houston serves up flavorful, global cuisines from James Beard Award-winning, chef-driven restaurants, to over a dozen types of barbecue, plus brunches, bistros, burgers and Beaujolais. Whether you crave down-home comfort or gastronomic adventures, a special occasion at the city's top steakhouses, a patio with the best margaritas, or a romantic picnic under century-old oak trees, Downtown has a restaurant for you.

Use our pet-friendly finder for places to eat with your furry family member.

Things to Do

Downtown Houston is ready to entertain, excite, and inspire. Four professional sports franchises bring the crowds to Downtown's world-class stadiums, while our Theater District boasts top-flight professional companies in all major disciplines: Ballet, Opera, Symphony, and Performing Arts. Featuring one of the world's largest open-air galleries of fine art, and live music every night of the week, Downtown delivers a dizzying array of things to do.

Find a bounty of free programming and classes from our parks and public libraries.

Stay & Explore Houston

In the vibrant heart of Houston, endless possibilities await! Immerse yourself in the energy of Downtown and uncover hidden gems with captivating city tours, bustling markets, delectable cuisine, and luxurious hotels. Downtown Houston is your gateway to unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Live Here

Discover the joy of calling Downtown home, where the spirit of community is alive in every street, park, and smile. From lively neighborhood gatherings to cultural festivals that ignite the senses, Downtown offers a multitude of opportunities to engage, learn, and grow alongside fellow residents.

Join us and become a cherished member of our Downtown Houston family!

Shopping & Services

From thrifting to luxurious spa and salon services, Downtown Houston's got you covered. Explore our local markets, small businesses, major retailers, and artisians and makers, both above ground and below in the Tunnels.