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Viva Abejas


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Meaning “Long live bees” in Spanish, Viva Abejas is Toro Toro’s month-long campaign designed to spread awareness of the importance of bees to the food system (one in every three bites of food depends on bees for pollination, as they are major pollinators of the agave plant and avocados). Join the Toro Toro team to enjoy bee-centric food and drink specials benefitting the World Bee Project. Guests will enjoy a special a la carte menu of small plates, including Coconut Ceviche, Duck Confit Tacos, and Honey Vanilla Cheesecake. Guests can sample Viva Abejas cocktails, including The Beekeeper, Garden Spritz, and Golden Mezcal Old Fashioned, and the Zero-Proof Honey Hibiscus each Saturday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Reservations are recommended.

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