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North Houston Highway Improvement Project Toolkit

Welcome to the North Houston Highway Improvement Project Communications Toolkit for Downtown Houston stakeholders. This toolkit equips you with information and tools to communicate confidently and accurately about what’s happening as highways are rebuilt and our urban environment is reshaped. 

Adaptation and innovation are key as we navigate construction. Downtown Houston+ is committed to providing regular communication and support to help you understand how to access Downtown.

The North Houston Highway Improvement Project

Throughout every phase of rebuilding, we’ll work to ensure two important points:

  • Downtown will remain open for business and accessible throughout the project.
  • Traffic will flow. You will always be able to reach everything that makes Downtown important: professional sports and special events, entertainment, work, dining, parks, education, and homes.

What will this toolkit do?

  • Equip stakeholders with clear and consistent messages to communicate about rebuilding the highway as we talk with various audiences, including business owners, residents, commuters, event organizers, and media.
  • Provide helpful resources to improve stakeholders’ experience throughout each construction phase.
  • Empower Downtown stakeholders to counter false narratives and foster understanding about the project's benefits.

Why is it important?

Effective communication is vital. Misunderstandings and negative perceptions surrounding construction can deter visitation, hinder commercial activity, and slow Downtown's momentum. Clear and accurate communication is essential to fostering community understanding and support.

How can I receive updates?

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How to Use This Toolkit

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