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Carbloading Done Right

by ShelRoth    January 15, 2020

All right, marathon runners. Much like animals gather and store food before the winter, it’s key to fill up those glycogen stores prior to such strenuous activity, or else risk hitting “the wall” several hours into the race. We don’t want that to happen to you, dear marathoners. In comes carbloading: an activity so wonderful it has us considering running 26.2 miles just to have an excuse to participate (honestly, we may anyway… this is a safe space, right?).

There are a number of ways to go about carboloading, but being at the center of such a foodie city like Houston, you want to do it BIG. We’ve collected some of our favorite local spots for you to get it done, without sacrificing a bit of taste in the process.

Bravery Chef Hall

Downtown’s latest food hall is filled with a plethora of places to fill up on carbs. BOH Pasta & Pizza has some of the best handmade pasta in the city, paired with a slice of their pizza you’ll be sure to walk away one happy camper. If you’re looking for more southern fare, Cherry Block has you covered with their CB Burger + Herbed Tallow Fries. End your meal with one of their fantastic baked-to-order cookies, and you’re ready to run for days.

Flip n’ Patties

Heaven in your mouth? That’s exactly what you’ll experience at this Filipino inspired restaurant, located in Downtown Houston’s only underground food hall, Understory. The Flip n’ Patties burger has Akaushi beef, a cheese-stuffed portabella shroom and bacon – what more could you ask for? Paired with heaping side of mayo fries (you may want to share), it’s the greatest experience of heaven on earth.

Frank’s Pizzeria

Since 1997, Frank’s has been the go-to pizzeria in Downtown Houston. If slices are your thing, Frank’s always has plenty ready to go, providing a variety of options for you to choose from. However, their large pepperoni pizza is perhaps the best thing on earth (we think it tastes better than the slice), so go for the big pie and call it a day. Pro-tip: Carry your food next door to Frank’s Backyard and have a beer at one of their picnic tables.

Rosalie Italian Soul

This brainchild of celebrated Chef, Chris Cosentino, brings a delicious mix of traditional and modern Italian cuisine Downtown. From the hearty and rich pastas, to the delectable pizzas, you will NOT be disappointed. It’s the hottest restaurant opening of the season, and if you’re up for a flavor experience, this is exactly where you wanna be.

Shake Shack

Need we say more? You can find a perfect 3-course meal at this NYC transplant. By 3-course we mean a burger, cheese fries, and a shake, of course. For a quick carbloading haul, Shake Shack is your go-to spot.

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