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Houston, Meet Downtown's Best Friend: Houston, The Dog

by Staff Writer    June 1, 2019
Houston the Dog

Q: Are you a male or female?
A: Although my manhood was taken away from me at a very young age, I am a boy.

Q: Who's your celebrity spirit human? 
A: I would be Goofy, because I am long, lanky, have very long ears, and I enjoy making my humans laugh.

Q: Describe your parents. 
A: I have two humans. Human girl is the one to go to for treats and cuddles. She pretends to be strict but I know I can get away with anything. She likes to take a million pictures of me, and I cooperate, as long as I get treats in exchange. Human boy is a little more strict with me, but he teaches me all the tricks, takes me surfing with him, and on really long hikes! He also always carries a tennis ball with him so it’s hard not to pay attention to him!

Q: What's a perfect day look like for you?
A: My favorite days are Saturdays! My humans are off from work and they like to start the day by walking from home to Discovery Green for yoga! I attend yoga class with them most of the time. It’s really fun because I get to practice my downward dog and I get lots of attention! After yoga class, we stay at the park and I get to make new friends at the dog park. There, I play with others, and I practice new tricks with my humans. After playtime, we get a snack at The Lake House or if there is an event at the park, we try the different food trucks. I love it because my humans always let me try their food. After nap time, we walk through Downtown looking for new adventures, sightseeing and enjoy taking pictures in front of the art all around Downtown.  

Q: When you're a "good dog," where do your parents take you for a treat in Downtown?
A: When I am really really really good, my humans take me to Starbucks for a puppuccino. My favorite Starbucks is on Main and Dallas because it’s close to Hotel Alessandra and they always have treats for me there!

Q: Tell us the weirdest thing you do. 
A: The weirdest thing I do is barking in my sleep.

Q: How did you and your humans meet each other? 
A: My human mom wanted a dog for a long time and kept looking online at shelters for puppies. Shortly after moving to Downtown, our city was hit by Hurricane Harvey, and just a few days after the hurricane, she found out shelters were overflowing with pups and knew it was time to adopt. My mom went to the Harris County Pet Shelter looking for a puppy she had seen on their website, but she was already gone. My mom decided she wasn’t going to leave without a puppy, so she started looking around, and found me! I was 2 weeks old, my approximate date of birth is August 23rd, 2017, just two days before the hurricane. My mom saw me and fell in love with my ears, so she asked to hold me. I placed my head on her neck and she fell in love with me. Our connection was instant!

Q: Is there a story behind your name?
A: My mom named me after the city I was born in, in honor of those who sacrificed so much to help others after Hurricane Harvey.

Q: How do you like living in Downtown?
A: I’ve lived in Downtown all of my life. Although I enjoy going out to my grandparents in the country and to the beach with my humans, there is nothing like the smell of Downtown. I always enjoy putting my nose out the car when we’re back home and enjoy all the familiar smells! There is nothing like strutting through the streets with one of my mom’s handmade bowties, having humans pet me and give me treats!

Q: Where are your favorite places to dine with your parents and/or where is your favorite place to hang out together?
A: Downtown has tons of dog-friendly places! Most of them have really cool patios were I can sit with my pawrents. I love going to The Grove in Discovery Green and Mia Bella Trattoria at Greenstreet!

Q: Where is your favorite dog park in Downtown? 
A: My absolute favorite is and always will be Discovery Green! That’s the first park I ever went to. I love the colors, the activities, the people that love to pet me and the huge dog run!

Q: Where do you meet friends? Any particular place great for meeting other pups (or pup parents)? 
A: We meet furiends at the best two parks in Downtown- Discovery Green and Market Square Park. That’s were all the cool dogs hang out!

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