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Houston, Meet Downtown's Best Friend, Po

by Staff Writer    June 1, 2019

Q: Who is your celebrity spirit human? 
A: Jose Altuve! Like him, I'm small in size, but quite mighty for my short stature. Plus, I love hanging with the big dogs!

Q: Describe your parents. 
A: My mom is the cuddler of the family and my personal photographer/documentarian. She's always available when I'm looking for someone to snuggle with and constantly taking photos and documenting all of my daily shenanigans.

Q: Describe a perfect day in Downtown.
A: It begins with a walk around Minute Maid Park in the morning, followed by a stroll to Discovery Green for a look at new activations or any events that happen to be going on. Then, a quick stop for lunch and a water break on the patio at Moonshiners and back home to 500 Crawford. If I have any energy later in the afternoon, we walk over to Market Square dog park to see if there are any friends wanting to play and wrap-up the day with a visit to Frank's Backyard.

Q: When you're a "good dog," where do your parents take you for a treat in Downtown?
A: Discovery Green! For all the sightseeing, art installations, the occasional spotting of an art car and sooo many pets from those we pass along the way to and from home and at the dog park!

Q: Tell us about your nightly routine. 
A: Every night when the sun goes down, I walk out on the balcony and keep a friendly eye on Downtown when conducting my evening neighborhood watch.

Q: Let's hear your meet cute. Where did you first meet your parents and know they were "the ones?" 
A: My pawrents knew I was the one when I was the only puppy in my litter barking when they came to pick me up. They like to think I was trying to protect my brothers and sisters, letting them know it would all be ok.

Q: Is there a story behind your name?
A: Yes! One of my pawrents' favorite movies is the animated film, Kung Fu Panda, featuring Jack Black as a lazy and very characteristic panda named, Po. My mom felt there was something about the movie and name that related so much to the characteristics of a tri-colored corgi that when she said it out loud and looked at the videos/photos of me (before initially picking me up) she instantly knew that was my name.

Q: How do you like living in Downtown?
A: I only know the Downtown Houston lifestyle! This concrete jungle was made for me! So much so that when we visit others' houses that have a real backyard I'm not too sure how to react to such wide-open spaces.  I'm a born and raised inner-looper!

Q: Where are your favorite places to dine with your parents and/or where is your favorite place to hang out together?
A: Local Foods, Barnaby's, Osso & Kristalla and Frank's Backyard are all big hits when we’re looking to dine or hang out on any day!

Q: Where is your favorite dog park in Downtown? 
A: I love my new dog park at 500 Crawford, but also love going to the Market Square Park dog park. I enjoy jumping and running on top of the rocks and running around with all the dogs that come over to play.

Q: Where do you meet friends? Any particular place great for meeting other pups? 
A: I meet all my friends at Market Square Park, which also serves as a great place to meet other puppy parents!

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