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Street and sidewalk closures continue in the area of Downtown where focused stabilization work is ongoing. One additional street closure has been added on a one-block section of Milam from Capitol to Rusk. (visit the link to see a map and a list of all street closures). Read More

Planning + Capital Projects

The Downtown Houston+ Planning and Capital Projects program includes near-term urban design and improvement projects, long-range planning studies and initiatives, and ongoing planning and construction coordination with government agencies and private entities in Downtown. The program is guided by the primary objectives and projects identified in our organizational plans, the Strategic Alignment Plan, and closely aligns with Downtown Houston+ Economic Development, Engagement, and Operations teams.

Strategic Areas of Focus


Public Realm Improvements 

Land Use + Neighborhood Planning

North Houston Highway Improvement Project

Active Downtown Studies + Plans

Placemaking & Connectivity Plan (Coming 2024) 

Pedestrian Lighting Study (Published 2024)

Downtown Block Face Study (Published 2023)

North Houston Highway Improvement Project Civic Opportunities (2019)

Near-Term Projects

More Space: Main Street 2.0

Big Art. Bigger Change. Mural Lighting Program

Past Efforts

Downtown Commute Survey (2018)

Central Houston, Inc. (CHI) engaged SSRS to conduct the 2018 Downtown Commute Survey. The primary objective of the survey was to assess how people from the Houston region commute to and from employment in Downtown and to establish the transit mode split of Downtown employees.

Read the Downtown Commute Survey

Warehouse District (2018)

The Warehouse Vision District Plan conducted studies and assessed the upgrade of urban design, transportation, and infrastructural systems in the Warehouse District. As this area will be significantly impacted and transformed by the NHHIP, planning scenarios stand to define the path forward for this section of Downtown.

Plan Downtown (2017)

In 2017 the Houston Downtown Management District, in partnership with Central Houston, published Plan Downtown: Converging Culture, Lifestyle & Commerce. The plan guided the efforts of the Downtown Houston+ team for several years, and elements have been continued on through the Strategic Alignment Plan.

Read Plan Downtown

Southern Downtown / CBD Public Realm Plan (2014)

Read Southern Downtown / CBD Public Realm Plan

Livable Centers Study for Houston Downtown Management District & East Downtown Management District (2011)

Read Livable Centers Study