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Historical Footprint

Central Houston, Inc., an arm of Downtown Houston+, paved a path toward a brighter future for people experiencing homelessness in our region through coordinated efforts that created The Way Home: 

The Way Home: A united endeavor sparked by Central Houston, Inc. in 2011, to curb homelessness via permanent housing and inclusive services.  

Unity in Action: Over 100 partners unite under this initiative, ranging from homeless service agencies to local governmental bodies, public housing sectors, and various nonprofits. The influence spans Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery counties, Texas.

The Objective: To make episodes of homelessness rare, short-lived, and non-repetitive in our locality.

Expand Your Understanding

For an immersive look into Houston's robust approach against homelessness, watch an educational 10-minute video. 

Downtown+ Making a Difference

Funding from the Houston Downtown Management District is revolutionizing the battle against homelessness. Here's how: 

  • SEARCH Homeless Services: An ensemble of street outreach professionals aiming to bridge the homeless with essential resources. 
    • Outreach Specialist: 
      • Educates the homeless on available aids. 
      • Executes the housing evaluations through the Coordinated Access framework.
    • Clinical Case Manager: 
      • Dedicatedly aids 15 high-requirement individuals on their path to housing. 
      • Stays committed for 90 days post-accommodation to ensure a smooth transition. 
    • Peer Specialist: 
      • Offers guidance rooted in personal experiences. 
      • Assists with identification, applications, and medical evaluations.
  • Chronic Consumer Assistance Program: A specialized contract service aimed at intensive care coordination and mental wellness. The team comprises: 
    • Harris Center Mental Health Case Manager + Harris County Sheriff's Office Deputy:
      • Harris Center Clinician assists chronically homeless people with mental health challenges, taking referrals from the Downtown Management District or SEARCH.
      • A Deputy Sheriff from Harris County, trained in homeless outreach, partners full-time with the Harris Center case manager to engage with individuals and provide necessary transport to facilities.
    • Downtown Public Safety Guides: The vigilant eyes and ears of Downtown Houston. While ensuring safety, they often connect with homeless people, gaining their trust and steering them towards supportive services. 

Shared Regional Success

The Way Home, through collective endeavors, has yielded tangible results: 

  • A striking 61% decrease in overall homelessness since 2011. 
  • A commendable 28,000+ individuals have been housed since 2012. 
  • Housing programs have a ~90% success rate (don't return to homelessness within two years).

Together, we strive to make homelessness in Houston rare, brief, and non-recurring. With every step, we aim to ensure that every individual has a chance to find stability, every moment of homelessness is short-lived, and every journey to a secure life is enduring.   

To learn how you can help reshape the future of our community and positively impact lives, visit The Coalition for the Homeless. 

Coalition for the Homeless