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Parks and Green Spaces

Downtown Houston+ is committed to caring for Downtown’s public realm, including the design and activation of parks and green spaces. Through agreements with the City of Houston, Downtown Houston+ plays a significant role in designing, constructing, funding, maintaining, and programming a great portion of Downtown’s sidewalks and signature parks, including Market Square Park, Trebly Park, and Main Street Square.

Market Square Park

Market Square Park has been a central part of Houston's history since the city's founding. The Park was home to four City Hall buildings and then a parking lot before being transformed into a green space in the 1970s with support from the Junior League of Houston. The park reopened in its current form in 2010 after a major renovation, an effort led by Downtown Houston+ in partnership with the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department and community stakeholders. 

The reopening spurred development in the surrounding area, including adjacent residential properties (i.e., Aris Market Square, Market Square Tower, and Brava) and the More Space: Main Street 2.0 planning project. Today, the park is an active urban destination. Downtown Houston+ regularly programs the park with live entertainment, public art, cultural programming, and outdoor dining, and a permanent kiosk in the park features food and beverage offerings from local Houston-based businesses.  

Trebly Park

Downtown's newest green space, Trebly Park, opened in January 2023 and was prompted by the success of the Downtown Houston+ Downtown Living Initiative. The housing incentive program yielded several new residential properties in the blocks surrounding the Trebly Park site, bringing thousands of new residents to the southwestern part of Downtown.  

Anchoring the park’s activity is the second location of Tout Suite. The all-day café offers food and beverages seven days a week. The park features dynamic art installations, ample outdoor seating, and Downtown Houston+ programs including movie nights and live entertainment. 

Main Street Square

Main Street Square is the public space that sits between two light rail stations in the 900 and 1100 blocks of Main Street. Trains zip through the center of the fountain in a light rail configuration like none other in the United States. The METRORail and fountain water jets are the focal points of the square with the trains running through a 250-foot-long, eight-inch-deep reflecting pool. 

Trains stop on either side of the water features to pick up passengers. Masterfully planned landscaping invokes the feel of a green garden, full of flowering plants, trees, and plenty of shade. Walkways display bold pavement designs, canopies, and public seating.